Apple new mac ads are embarrassing

Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for

Once they run out of space, for example, a year later, the only option is to get rid of the machine, and hope there is a new machine with more storage available. There is no excuse for Apple making storage non-upgradable other than greed or gross incompetence. So whatever marginal idiot reason they trot out for not including it on Touchbar models is total BS. It just further shows how heinously out of touch Apple has become with its core professional and creative user base. Otherwise, Apple will continue to bleed its pro users to companies that are not tone deaf to their needs.

Many users are experiencing graphic failures 2. Now being non-replaceable, only option is to send back to the store he bought it from in Carlifornia, USA.

Editorial: Axios used old 'embarrassing' IDC data to craft three Apple clickbaits in one day

How do you call a PC without the above port? I returned mine. Not having a physical escape key and the loss of magsafe and the destruction of all ports in favor of the useless and too-few USB C was too much. Tim Cook is a crook and a loser compared to Steve Jobs. I have been in the MacRumors Mac Pro forums for years and years and noticed that many of the die-hard mac pros were leaving.

Agreed John! And a sincere Thank You Mr. Kheit for having the courage to point it out and defend your position! The unexpectedly large number of complaints about the new models seem like background noise by comparison. Tho not ideal, you can workaround most with a few dongles or extra power supply.

You can protect yourself

Apple should release new Mac models every year, as done with iOS gadgets. And last but not least, Apple should not charge two to three times more for the very same component when compared to resellers like Amazon. I did give you one.

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Video professionals, when they composite video they work on while traveling will frequently need well over 1TB of video, and the more storage they have, the better. Non local storage tends to be too slow, or counter to the purpose of a small svelte laptop.

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Apple has taken the closed system to a perverted level. Hard drives, ram and video cards should be expandable. By forcing one to only be able to upgrade at the time of purchase with only Apple making the upgrade is not just greedy it will prove fatal for Apple.

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I am genuinely interested in what kind of work you do that requires you to keep that much with you when you are disconnected. EST Feb.

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This story was originally published Jan. Apple moved quickly last night to disable an embarrassing privacy flaw that let iPhone users spy on other iPhone and Mac users via Group FaceTime.

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The company promised a permanent fix later this week. Until then, you may want to disable FaceTime just as a precaution. Somebody -- a teenager, according to one report -- discovered that if you made a FaceTime call from an iPhone running iOS The trick spread across social media Monday Jan. The Verge was able to replicate the bug, and discovered that it transmitted video too if the recipient of the call pressed the power or the volume-down button -- as one might do to dismiss the call or, um, turn on the camera.

The audio came through from the 7 without it answering the call. When the power button was pressed, the video came through as well. But about an hour later, Apple switched off the servers that make Group FaceTime possible. Apple's System Status page noted that as of p. We confirmed Tuesday morning that the trick no longer worked. Attempting to add yourself to a FaceTime call while the other party's phone rang resulted in an error message stating that the call had "failed.

Microsoft makes Fun of Apple#2(You will hate apple after seeing this)

On Monday, Twitter user Benji Mobb posted video of the trick in action.