Error 1600 iphone 4 restore 5.1.1 mac

As I mentioned earlier, you still need to put your device into a pwned DFU mode always before a restore. Failing to do so will always result in 16xx errors. I dunno…. Still have no idea what I did to get 4.

Five Ways to Fix iTunes Error 1600 When Jailbreaking or Restoring iPhone/iPad/iPod

Now if only I could do this with 4. Yes, FixRec43 does work in getting your iOS out of a 4. I finally got 4. BUT i had to do fix recovery a few times with TU. When it finally worked, my iPhone screen was crammed with white text on black background. Well yeah!! Am I right? I placed all the settings as indicated in the link. Both say. And are you absolutely sure that the custom IPSW that you have created is for your iPhone model only?

Right now im trying 4. Any other ideas? I followed all the steps for DFU etc etc. Thanks a lot in advance! So, since Apple does not sign iOS 4.

Before you begin

Using TU will not help either. Update to the latest 3. Make sure that you point Redsn0w to iOS 3. Read http: Yeah I tried restoring to stock and failed. Though i think most people who want to go ahead and downgrade also want to jailbreak so might aswell use custom firmware. No matter how many times i do it, the ipod still wont reboot and now i cant kick it out of recovery or pwned dfu mode using tinyumbrella, pressing home and power button, or ireb.

Help somebody please? I figured out how to fix error and almost any ore error guys!! Second you must edit your host file. Delete apples ip and add cydias ip. Use iReb to enter pwnd dfu. Open iTunes and shift restore to a custom firmware and voila. Idk if this works with stock FW. I downgraded from 4.

NEW 100% Fix iTunes Error 1600, 1601, 1602, 1603, 1604, & Others - iPhone iPad Ipod touch

I did have shsh blobs which is a must and unless your new to jb you should have. Also, your restore would have definitely errored out if you had used a stock IPSW instead of a custom one. Error 28 is a hardware error issue possibly caused due to a failed BB chip initialization.

I suggest you to take it to the Apple store first before taking it apart yourselves.

How to Fix iTunes Error When Jailbreaking or Restoring iPhone/iPad/iPod

Redo the restore from iTunes. Make sure that you have the hosts file edited. Since you already have one saved on Cydia for iOS 4. Now set your TU setting to this http: Do not open it again. Next, put your device into a pwned DFU mode using Redsn0w http: Try performing the same restore procedure on a different machine as well to see if it resolves your issue.

I did use TU to fix the error , and then IReb to get rid of the error Hi … This trick fix my problem too. My i3GS stuck at boot logo after customized ipsw 4. This fix worked though so I am smooth sailing now. Did you use TU for your restores? My Iphone 4 refuses yo start after i tried jailbreaking with snowbreeze, i am constantly in DFU mode, shall i upgrade my iphone using the restore facility, would it help.

A simple DFU mode will not suffice. I tried to jailbreak using snowbreeze 2.

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I went through all the steps directed on a site called redmond. I believe it is stuck in DFU mode but there is nothing i can do. It tries to restore but i get errors everytime…i get farther in the process using tinyumbrella but i still end up with errors and not being able to restore. Does iTunes detect your device in a recovery mode? Also to jailbreak your iP4, all you needed to do was run Redsn0wRC Well in case your still stuck at the DFU mode, what you can try is to run RedSn0w with the Just Boot Tethered Now option ticked to see if its able to get you out of the DFU loop only if iTunes is detecting your device in a recovery mode.

If none of the above works for you, your only way to get your iP4 working is by restoring to the latest version. Thanks Pramod for the reply. Both iPhone and Ipad are completely blacked out and do not respond. Sorry, my bad. You need to be using RSrc This version of RS has been updated with the untethered payloads for iOS 4.

You need to be using this. I dont see a New Bootrom button when utilizing Pwnage. I used Pwnage to create the Custom Firmware. It goes through the restoration fine, just not able to get out of DFU mode when using redsnow. Your iPhone should be back up without the intervention of Redsn0w right after the restore.

You might want to use the IPSW cooked by us here http: As always, Pwned DFU mode restore only. Using which tool did you create it? Are you sure that you have ticked the New Bootrom? Make sure you have a recent backup of your device made with iMazing, iTunes or iCloud before reinstalling iOS. If you don't check the option "Erase device before installing", iMazing will try to preserve your device's data but there is no guarantee. To exit recovery mode, click the Exit Recovery Mode button. Then back up your device with iMazing.

Select your device in the sidebar, then click Reinstall iOS. It's in the column to the left of the Device Details pane. You may need to scroll down in that column to see this function. Normal mode: This is the case when everything is working.