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Nhac dam cuoi bolero youtube. New Nests are rare birds. This bird species such as sparrows small body but fly very well.

Danh Ca Vọng Cổ HÙNG CƯỜNG 🎻16 Bài Đơn Ca Tân Cổ Vọng Cổ Trước 1975 Hay Nhất Của Hùng Cường

They feed by biting flying and feeding at sea. People say Salanganes'Nest species can fly 10 consecutive hours without a break. They nest in trees but not by his own saliva. Each day a little bird free range secrete water, spun back to the nest. After a while, dry nests look like ears fastened to the ceiling cave cliff. Upon completion of the fall is sufficient to himself, began breeding nests. Bird's Nest is a resource from the past have been known to the local people.

According to historical documents, fishing bird nests in the Binh Dinh longstanding. There are many types of nests.

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Nests are you red or pink, and most expensive, the natural nest to be ivory white, thin and small disasters oats and oats are lots of poor quality. Oats is a dangerous profession. Previously, in addition to courage, this business has secrets hereditary nature.


Today this business has been managed and to minimize accidents in the mining process, workers are carefully trained technicians. However, operators who want to become good at, apart from the knowledge and experience have to be mentally strong, fearless calm and skillful movements. To be able to get the nest hang on the wall and ceiling, people began using bamboo scaffolding linked together. The operators can go back on the scaffolding as the bridge began perched along the horizontal.

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Some hang high scaffolding to use bamboo to The right-hand connector from 4 to 5 new bamboo to the top. How to get the oats also be sophisticated. Tai did not do away with your hands, people stick pins in the first closing to take place. On the drier climate, before taking longer to spray water into the nest to avoid soft crumbled. In the past, fisheries oats entirely spontaneous and workers should pay higher taxes while in service, we strive to artisanal, natural resources in danger of depletion.

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  • Today, due to awareness of the importance of maintaining and developing resources, mining work must comply with a strict schedule. January, February is the breeding season, nest, then a month to get the first harvest. The second case had to wait until the birds go flying rigid feeding harvested. Third Department at mining, primarily for maintenance oats growth conditions the pack.

    To date oat yield annual harvest is estimated at more than kg of Binh Dinh. This is an export commodity to bring economic resources to the province. Come to the island nests, tourists not only admire the spectacular scenery outside, if you have the opportunity to cave, visitors also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the spectacular scenery, great effort made by nature.

    On the cliffs, interspersed little cup of water droplets fall as tiny white dots like a starry sky of the summer nights, the tightly woven nest together into a long chain, where it is spread oat notes I breathed a warm, sometimes listening to the birds chirp requires feeding mothers. Waves, the sound of falling water, the clapping, the sound of bird calls Isle of oats and oats are not only scenic but where there are historical and cultural relics from the Champa kingdom through the Tay Son Dynasty to the Nguyen later.

    Bird island visitors will have the opportunity to visit the Buddhist Temple Convex where mysterious Cham statues, Mount Tam Toa admire the relics related to Ly Nhat Quang Uy Ming Ly kings and warriors Xishan eighteenth century, saw firsthand the coral fortress with cannons placed holes, leftover traces of the coastal defense works were built by the predecessors.

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    As a fine art painting done with the natural look has both real damage, bird island where tourists can not miss if you have the opportunity to visit the city of Quy Nhon. Nhon Chau Station Lighthouse was built in for the purpose of ensuring safety boats passing where island, reef, sailing on different places to identify the port, sea fishermen know the direction the station and the most important goal is to identify the country's sovereignty.

    It is known to build this lighthouse, the wife of French translation mobilized large stretch it in 3 years to complete. Lighthouse meters high from the sea level, in which the light tower 16m high, 3m wide in diameter. Lamp 12V, W, is amplified through special lenses that can be projected distance 25 nautical miles.

    This halogen lamps extremely expensive, must be imported from abroad, the price per unit to million. Lights operate from 6 pm to 6 am each day in the power system from solar energy. However, the battery only works in the dry season, the rainy season still to use diesel engines with dozens of "XO", guaranteed not to stop glowing lighthouse. Along with the lighthouse is quite superficial world of 2-storey building with 16 rooms French, can accommodate more than people to visit and rest.

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    Nearby are caves can accommodate up to 50 people, where a campfire and group activities very interesting. Currently Lighthouse Nhon Chau Station by of the Enterprise Assurance Company 2 maritime safety management, operation with 5 personnel trained basic, highly qualified professionals. But their work is relatively monotonous, living away from home, back in the hills, isolated from the outside world, but they all define the responsibilities assigned, without the slightest negligence, holding the Lighthouse always illuminated.

    There are people like Nguyen Ngoc Anh station chief had been 5 years on the island, who ate at least 2 Tet. They never regarded themselves as the station, the island is home, safe participation unified island Committee, jointly protect peaceful locality. The tropical depression days, or days with strong sea storms, Station coordinated with the Border Guard lighthouse fireworks signaled the ships into the shelter. For years, lighthouses Nhon Chau Group welcomed many visitors, especially young people, university students, international delegations.

    Standing on the balcony of the top light, sun overlooking the sea, beneath the verdant island commune of Nhon Chau hugging white sand, each group fishing boat bobbing between the waves and the distance is the beautiful city of Quy Nhon with the soaring house, who does not feel happy to tears at the sight of their national spiritual sense.

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    Started in and completed in , the author set up the scheme and monumental sculpture Tran Hung Dao Vietnam Quang Dam architect. Monument located in ideal terrain with a height of about 40 meters above the sea level. Monument sculpted sides downward two-legged sea bottom edge split stone steps, in collaboration with curved curtain wall slim ground stations to protect solid objects and create soft curves, grace look for work.

    Campus building monument protection railing systems, bath flowers dotted the elegant styling, help the viewer feel relaxed and confident as he stood looking down on the bottom of the sea waves all year round. Due to the hilly terrain path to the S-shaped monument and the statue from behind, but with gentle slopes were paved, visitors do not feel tired, but also the views of Quy Nhon - coastal city and poetry, as beautiful as a picture wearing.

    Climb the stairs hanging about 2. Especially the lap, the name is related to monuments scattered carved, the more difficult to read backlit. Tran Hung Dao statue carved in an upright position on a dragon boat battle commander Bach Dang River, with costume armor, helmets. Straddle the left leg, right leg hung onto the boat, just to the north right hand, left hand holding sword worn at the waist in preparation of battle positions.