How to do therefore symbol in word mac

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For Apple apps, make a text replacement for it: Tom Gewecke Tom Gewecke In the character viewer under math symbols. Scott Porter Scott Porter 1 4 The last answer is the stack overflow link is such a poor one it should be deleted.

Office Tutorials - Using Symbols (Microsoft Word 2011)

Not what s being requested, just a collection of dots that may look similar but will not be searchable or match the real symbol for any serious purpose. Point taken.

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  • Therefore sign.
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If you need the actual symbol, for whatever reason, my solution won't get the job done. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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Sign up using Email and Password. You can insert with the Insert Symbol, or just type , Alt-x. Allan Bach.

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Thanks Allan. RoHe 7- Thorium.

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  • Option two: Use the application itself to insert symbols.
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  • How to insert symbols on a Mac.

In Word , click: I use alt-t t for 'therefore' which wasn't assigned to any other command in my copy of Word If you get a request to update normal. If you don't get the prompt, chances are Word is set to update normal.

Inserting Symbols and Special Characters in Office 2011 for Mac

Ron Message Edited by RoHe on Thanks Ron. A minor problem with both Allan's and your solution seems to be that the character base the area on which the character sits - I don't know the proper word is higher than the normal Times New Roman base. This has the effect of making the line spacing slightly bigger. A similar adjustment is needed when using 1.

This isn't an unreasonable effect. Mixing characters from different typefaces is bound to cause problems.