Kraft mac and cheese recall 2014

Kraft recalls million boxes of mac and cheese after metal pieces reported

A recall means there will be even less Velveeta products on the shelf come Super Bowl game time in two weeks. Want more cheesy food news?

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Kraft confirms Velveeta shortage. About Us. Times News Platforms.

The Biggest Food Recalls of 2015

Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. Certain packages contain soy ingredients, but do not list them on the packaging. More From the Los Angeles Times.

  • Kraft recalls over 6 million Macaroni & Cheese boxes.
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  • Kraft Macaroni and Cheese from The Biggest Food Recalls of - The Daily Meal;
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Kraft has had to issue multiple recalls over the past several years. Last year , Kraft recalled 1. If you were planning on heating up a pot of mac and cheese tonight, though, here are some other quick albeit strange options:.

Breakfast pizza, in theory, is a great idea. But Eggo's parfait on flatbread kind of misses the point.

Kraft recalls Macaroni and Cheese over debris

What about cheese? In , Haagen-Dazs unveiled carrot- and tomato-flavored ice cream in Japan. There are currently no plans to release the ice cream in the United States, but never give up hope. A bagel is a sacred thing. Getting the right cream cheese ratio and optimal level of toasting is a delicate balance and Bagel-fuls don't seem up to the task of bagel dream fulfillment. Bagel Bites continue to dominate the frozen-bagel-snack market. If the chocolate chips are not to your liking, you can also buy sausage on a stick wrapped in plain or blueberry pancakes.

You might be thinking that these are not pancakes at all, but off-brand Hot Pockets.

The Biggest Food Recalls of 2015

That's true, but there's more to the story. Findus' meat is sourced from a company under investigation for passing off horse meat as beef , so really, they're like a fun mystery.

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  5. There's a great deal of satisfaction in finding a taco truck right when hunger strikes. So why not try to recreate that euphoria from the comfort of your own home, by keeping "street" tacos in your freezer?

    1,000 Hidden Mass Graves Discovered in Mexico Since 2009

    No list of questionable food products would be complete without a nod to Guy Fieri, a fearless warrior constantly pushing the limits of things that are okay to put in your body.