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The great thing is that p7zip supports a huge number of compression formats so it's very flexible. The obvious downside though is that it only runs using command lines.

WinZip Mac 7

Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. However, there is a user interface provided by a separate View full description.

Open .7z files on a Mac

CONS No user interface. Softonic review p7zip is the Mac version of the popular Windows decompression application 7-Zip. Unarchiver Free App for Software Users. Compress Pick a compression method, any method. The Unarchiver reads any archive, even non-Latin ones. Find your archive type With The Unarchiver you can extract files from the following archive formats. Common Archives Zip Full Zip Full support for the normal zip format, with additional support for AES encryption, Zip64 extensions for large files, Mac OS extensions of many different kinds, and several unusual compression methods.

Full Zipx Full support for the new compression modes introduced by WinZip.

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Full RAR Including encryption and multiple volumes. Full 7z All common compression methods are supported.

How to open 7Z files

Also supports Unix extensions. Some EXE Many kinds of.

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Basic Split files Can join files named. Partial StuffIt X Can unpack many files, some more obscure features are still unsupported. Almost full DiskDoubler Only lacks some old compression methods, because I have not been able to locate any files using these. Only old files Ace No support for Ace 2.

The Unarchiver

Many other old formats, especially Amiga-specific ones, are also supported through libxad, but I have not made a full survey of which ones. Used in some newer. Full RPM Linux package format. Full Deb Linux package format. Full Ar Unix library format. Request and response headers also included in metadata. Especially useful for scanned PDFs. View All. Go to File Get info menu.

How to use the command line on Mac

Open with The Unarchiver. The Unarchiver speaks:. Don't take our word for it.

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The best thing here is that somebody put some thought in how to make unarchiving less of a nuicance Definite five stars. If you are looking for an app that literally just unpacks the compressed files and then closes and leaves the files ready to be viewed in Finder, then this is the app for you This app is really as simple as it should be. The Unarchiver also allows multiple files with the same password to be opened together while having to only input the password once You'll save yourself time and frustration if you switch to this app.

enter site Every computer I have that supports it has this installed on it. It is literally the easiest way to extract practically any file archive you will ever come across Huge thanks to the company Their other programs are great as well. Using it feels like part of the macOS Finder, which is the other thing that makes it so great. Basically, using The Unarchiver is like adding a much broader range of supported compressed file formats to your Mac. Not only did The Unarchiver extract all the files, it did so with alacrity. The Unarchiver is just as fast as Apple's built-in utility, only more capable.

It's the Swiss Army knife of unarchiving programs and can handle pretty much any file, no matter how ancient, you throw at it It's definitely worth having as one of your basic Mac utilities.

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