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DLL not found. In this situation, users need to re-install the application to resolve this problem. Hence, in this write-up, we will tell you how to rebuild Mac Outlook database in both and versions. Apart from this, we will also discuss the reasons which may result in corruption of Mac Outlook and requires to rebuild Outlook Database Mac , It will easily manage and rebuild Mac Outlook profiles. There are many causes that lead Mac Outlook application inaccessible and require rebuilding Mac Outlook database in or To rebuild the Outlook for Mac Database to solve problems, you just need to follow the steps given below:.

Now, to maintain the Mac Outlook database, you always need sufficient storage space. However, you need to have almost three times space as much space as the recent Outlook size is. As the name suggests, backup is important to avoid the risk of losing data. How do you uninstall an App?


If you want to uninstall Microsoft Outlook completely, you should not do that again. This post will give you correct methods to uninstall Microsoft Outlook on Mac. Because too many applications and their files on your Mac will slow down your Mac. Once you want to uninstall Microsoft Outlook completely, you can learn from this post, it will guide you how to uninstall Microsoft Outlook completely.

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There are two methods provided for you to uninstall Microsoft Outlook. You can use this method to uninstall Microsoft Outlook on Mac without any help. It will take you few minutes to finish, are you ready? There are few steps you should do, be patient to do it.

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But if you intend to the second method that much easier and faster- use MacRemover to uninstall Microsoft Outlook, you can ignore this part and go straight to the second part. Before you begin to uninstall Microsoft Outlook, you should quit your Microsoft Outlook first, or you can not go on your next uninstalling steps. You should keep in mind that dragging a program to the Trash and Empty the Trash uninstall it incompletely.

What you removing is just the main files. When you install an App, there are other related files installed together, so dragging Microsoft Outlook to the Trash only deletes the main files installed on Mac. You need to delete all lingering files, logs, cashes and other leftovers, then you have successfully get rid of Microsoft Outlook.


Here are 3 steps:. Click and open your Finder , here you can see the Application folder. Click on it you can see all the Apps installed on your Mac.

You can find the Microsoft Outlook and drag it to the Trash. If you like, you can try another way to delete Microsoft Outlook from your Mac. Open the Launchpad , here it is all the App installed. At this step you have remove the main file of Microsoft Outlook installed on your Mac. Next, you can remove related junk files. Those leftovers are located in more than one folder on your Mac.

Nobody is willing to stay it on their Mac and let it occupy their space.

So now it is high time to remove them. It will take you few minutes to find them, but you should do it, if you want to uninstall Microsoft Outlook by yourself. Usually these leftovers are installed at the following locations. Search the above locations to identify them. Right click on them and click Move to Trash to delete all of them.