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Catalyst Production Suite Subscription: DVD Architect Studio 5. Enterprise Blu-ray Authoring.

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MPEG-2, H. Noise Reduction 2: Restore, repair, and renew your audio recordings.

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Optical Disc Archive Software 4. Catalyst Production Suite Purchase Options Shop the Online Store. Order by phone: Find a dealer near you. Training and Support Visit our Training and Support section to learn how new tools help you edit faster, supercharge your audio and video, and effectively manage your media assets.

Sony Creative Software inspires artistic expression with its award-winning line of products for digital video production. The Catalyst Production Suite fuses powerful media preparation and fast, focused video editing to provide the backbone for your video productions.

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This makes it possible to rearrange audio. Rather oddly, you cannot currently export Events as separate audio files, as you can with Regions. The bundled iZotope plug-in offers excellent mastering, corrective and file conversion tools. The Mac version includes a small number of Sony's own plug-ins for processes such as normalisation and channel conversion, but mainly takes advantage of Apple's stock plug-ins, which both look better and, to my ears at least, sound better than their PC counterparts.

Sony Sound Forge Pro Mac

Even better are the various iZotope plug-ins. Pitch-shifting and time-stretching are also catered for, both with Sony's own offerings which are decent and with the Zplane Elastique Timestretch plug-in. Zplane's elastique Timestretch plug-in facilitates high-quality pitch and tempo adjustment. Plug-ins can be applied individually via the Plug-in Chooser pane or — and with much more flexibility — using the Plug-in Chain pane.

Manipulate And Edit Your Music And Audio Tracks

Nodes can be added to the curve by clicking and adjusted by clicking and dragging. This is all pretty standard stuff, but works smoothly and is easy to use. So far, so good: However, as mentioned earlier, compared to the current PC version, there are also some surprising omissions. For example, SFPM doesn't include support for working with video. However, perhaps the two most significant omissions — from my own perspective at least — are the lack of batch processing and audio CD burning features.

Instead, you have to export the Regions as individual audio files with the effects applied and then reassemble the songs in another application, such as iTunes, to burn the CD: Comments there are encouraging and suggest that future updates will bring more features.

Creating a sound file with Sound Forge Pro Mac 2 (recording audio)

However, compared to the Windows version, and also to the obvious professional-level competition, it is missing some significant features. If, however, you regularly script repeated edits to multiple files or want integrated CD burning, SFPM is not, currently, the tool to choose.

High-Resolution Recording

Sony are aware of this and one can hope that this will be corrected soon — and, in fairness, this first release of SFPM is significantly cheaper than the PC version or Steinberg's Wavelab. I'll conclude by offering one final — and more general — thought. Until now, Sony's creative media software has been Windows-only.

While this first release has some cons as well as some pros, I'm intrigued to know whether Sony's other media applications are also going to make the transition. The PDF manual refers to this looped mode as recording 'takes'. The Chain Gang The bundled iZotope plug-in offers excellent mastering, corrective and file conversion tools.

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