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Download Font Prime A simple typeface with a techy feel and a strict, geometric origin. By Max Pirsky. Download Font Redbud Display sans-serif font, created by Paulreis. Download Font Supermolot A modern square grotesk with the elements of the Soviet style. Free Light typeface. By The TypeType. Download Font Zona Pro s inspired geometric-style typefaces. By Kostas Bartsokas. Download Font Brela Regular A serif typography especially designed for editorial design.

Currently Light and Bold styles are under development. By Makarska Studio.

Typograph Pro

Download Font Choplin A modern and clear geometric slab serif with a sturdy heart. Download Font Donau An art nouveau inspired sans and slab serif typeface. Download Font Lovato A family of five fonts, perfect for branding applications, books, or poster designs that require a clear, sharp, stylish tone.

By Philatype.

Arial Black

Free available for personal and commercial aims. By Krill studio. Download Font Minna Drop A charming and gentle free font. Download Font Nooa A fancy mix between serif and sans serif fonts for a contemporary use. By Antoine Pilette. Download Font Oldways A retro style font combining old western typography with a modern design style, available in Regular and Italic. By Artimasa. Download Font Poniente A free uppercase font inspired by western typefaces. Designed by Benito Ruiz. Download Font Questa Typeface superfamily containing a serif, a matching sans and a matching display version.

By Jos Buivenga exljbris and Martin Majoor. Download Font Shihan Inspired by geometrical ornaments. Designed by Sergey Godovalov. By Charles Daoud. Download Font Bariol A new rounded, slightly condensed typeface by Atipo. Download Font Linotte A rounded sans serif typefamily with friendly vibes. Download Font Maxwell Designed to be space-efficient, legible and ultimately elegant. Ryan Pyae. Download Font Moon A rounded and simple typeface family. Download Font Oduda This bold version of Oduda is free of use for personal and commercial projects. By Thom Niessink. Download Font Ugo A free font design with different combinations.

By Valeria Santarelli. Download Font Display Ailerons Inspired by aircraft models from the 40s. Download Font Aroly A polygonal heading font. By Arvind Kumar. Download Font Carioca Experimental type. Download Font Cassiopeia Display font inspired by constellations. Download Font Chelsea Four styles, three of them can be overlayed. By Arnaud Le Roux. Download Font Dual A full width sans-serif typeface with an experimental side. Download the ingoFonts type specimen PDF… [ca.

The typeface is spirited, amusing and flashy. Just ask me DeFonte Plus …is a computer font, but closely resembles genuine handwriting. Fonts for corporate design, promotion, web, publishing. Buy fonts directly from the maker. To make media files accessible from anywhere in a program, they are typically declared as globally available variables outside of setup and draw. Files are usually loaded inside setup because they need only be loaded once and because it takes time to load them.

Loading a file inside draw reduces the frame rate of a program because it causes the file to reload each frame. Once a file is loaded in setup , it may be utilized anywhere in the program.

In most Processing programs, all files are loaded when the program starts. To work with fonts different than the default, more functions are needed to prepare a font to be used with Processing. The createFont function is used to convert a TrueType font. The textFont function is used to define the current font to display.

The following short program is used to print the list of the available installed fonts to the console:. The printArray function p.


The first few options printed to the console are general typographic classifications such as Serif, SansSerif, and Monospaced. Use these options to define a style, but not a specific font. When the list is generated on the computer used to write this book, a list of font options are printed to the console.

Your computer will produce different results depending on the operating system and custom fonts installed.

TYPOGRAPH PRO Font Family : Download Free for Desktop & Webfont

The list starts with general font categories that will work across platforms, then continues with specific font names. A short excerpt from our list follows:. Before a font is used in a program, it must be converted and set as the current font. Processing has a unique data type called PFont to store font data. Make a new variable of the type PFont and use the createFont function to convert the font.

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The first parameter to createFont is the name of the font to convert and the second parameter defines the base size of the font. Optional third and fourth parameters are defined in the Reference. The textFont function must then be used to set the current font.

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On our development computer, to work with Ziggurat Black, list option above, the following code is run:. To make this program work on your computer, you will likely need to modify line 5 to work with a font on your machine. This program is similar to code , but notice the differences in the letters in the Ziggurat font in relation to the default font.

Follow the instructions on page 10 to add a font to the data folder.